Blood donation related activities

​Blood donation is equivalent to saving life. A drop of blood can bring back the life of a dying person. But a large part of our society lacks awareness about this blood donation. For the past 4-5 years, on behalf of the Light House, we have been providing ‘Blood Donor’ to the hospitals around Kolkata and it's neighborhood. Now we are regularly organizing blood donation camps in different parts of the state. Nowadays, when people are worried to go out of the house due to the Covid-19 pandemic and blood-banks are running out of blood, we have started  blood collection and trying our best to keep the medical system of the state running. We have sent around 50 blood-donars to various hospitals in need in different of part of Kolkata.

We have arranged five blood donation camps till date, out of which of two were fully organized by us, one in Jadavpur area and another one in Shromojibi hospital, Belur. The other three, jointly organized with other organizations, were held in Barahonagar, Sodpur and Uttarpara area.