Durgapuja related activities

Durgapujo is a parts of Bengali life and culture. During Durgapuja every streets of the city lightens up and everyone come out to celebrate the grand festival of Bengali culture. But, under that festive-light many street-children are left out in darkness. They can’t afford to buy new clothes, can’t get some special meal in those days. We have been by the side of these children since 2015. A group of people from Light House stands beside the homeless kids around College Street area during Durgapuja time and try to make them happy. We buy them new clothes, feed them special menu and celebrate all day long. Thus we try to celebrate the Durgapuja festival with around 100 street children every year. Now we are expanding our arms and celebrating the joy in different other parts of Kolkata in the same way we celebrate in the college street area. We started to go to Dakshineswar, Karunamayi, Jadavpur areas to celebrate the different days of Pujo with the local street children.