Light House Student Award. 

To encourage the meritorious and distressed students Light house will provide 'Lighthouse Student Awards' from next year.

(i) Manabendra Mazumder Smriti Awards
Award amount - One time Rs. 10,000/.
Starting year - 2022.

To start the first Light House Student awards, we are initiating 'Manabendra Mazumder Smriti Award' from the next year (year 2022). For the time being, one of the meritorious and distressed students with a secondary pass will be given a one-time Rs. 10,000 / - for purchasing books for higher education and for paying college fees. 

The plan was several days old, an offer came from a man with whom we had not yet met. Expatriate Bengali have never seen a pujo in Calcutta, but regularly send help to Light House School and the rest of us to various activities.

Although this particular fund came from his daughter Tapti Datta. She has sent Rs. 3 lakh rupees in the memory of her grandfather Late Manabendra Mazumder. We have done a fixed deposit of Rs 3 lakhs such that you never have to worry about money on this occasion in the coming years.

The terms of the award that have been considered for the time being are as follows.
1) The money will be collected through the interest received from the fixed deposit.

2) Prize money will be given to a meritorious but distressed student every year.

3) Prize money will be given mainly as book purchase or college fee.

4) Since it depends on the result of the secondary, so the program will be given every year after visiting the results of the secondary.

5) There will be a specific committee to select students.

Now you please suggest, how can we improve this event?

For now, we are awarding
Light House Student award to one person (Manabendra Mazumber Smriti Award) but, if we can get your support we would like to increase this number.