Last several years Light house was involved in different activities in different social regions. Here is the list of few such activities of Light House.

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Winter cloth distribution

Last several years light house distributes winter clothing to poor people living in the remote corners of West Bengal. They collect the cloths from warm-hearted people of Bengal and distribute the cloths to the slum dwellers of Kolkata, to the day-laborers of the tea gardens in the foot hill of himalayas and to the tribal villagers in the interior parts of Jhargram, Bakura, Purulia areas.

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Forestation project 

In the year 2019, we have taken a large scale forestation initiative in the tribal areas of Junglemahal in collaboration with another social organization Vidyacharcha kendra.  
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Worknig with Shabar Tribes in Purulia

Light house is working with Shabar Tribes of Purulia area for last several years. 
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Durgapuja related activities

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Other activities...

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